clustering player paths
Jonathan Campbell, Jonathan Tremblay, Clark VerbruggeFDG'15
exploration in NetHack using occupancy maps
Jonathan Campbell, Clark VerbruggeFDG'17
learning combat in NetHack
Jonathan Campbell, Clark VerbruggeAIIDE'17
exploration in NetHack with secret discovery
Jonathan Campbell, Clark VerbruggearXiv e-prints
procedural sokoban generator
based on Taylor & Parberry's paper

coming late 2017/early 2018OpenAI Gym
exploration & combat in NetHack

coming late 2017/early 2018M.Sc. Thesis

There were periods when, as the Moon swung back and forth in its orbit, it shone down like a great lamp upon the darkened seas and continents of Earth. Then, with a thrill of recognition, Bowman could often glimpse familiar coastlines, shining in that spectral lunar light. And sometimes, when the Pacific was calm, he could even see the moonglow shimmering across its face; and he would remember nights beneath the palm trees of tropical lagoons.

2001, A Space Odyssey