modify iTunes genre artMAC
randomize login screen background and textMAC
logic puzzle game based on Blobbo and similar puzzlersMAC / WIN
cookie clicker-like game - team projectWEB
text-based role-playing gameMAC / WIN
macintosh system 6 simulator! (incomplete!)WEB
pax resources
resources for that great space strategy game, pax galaxiaMAC / WIN
old mac games
resources/links for old mac gamesMAC
weizor's grimoire
diablo 2 info siteWEB

I also maintain a list of cool Mac icon sets here.

Sometimes you don't understand because of the language, say the fella comes from America and he talks too fast. That's my fault and I apologize, that's a kind of trivial difficulty, relatively. Next kind of not understanding is because we perhaps use new words. Again, my job. Then there's a kind of saying you don't understand it meaning, 'I don't believe it, it's too crazy, it's the kind of thing I'm just not going to accept.' This kind, I hope you'll come along with me, and you'll have to accept it, because it's the way nature works. If you want to know the way nature works, we looked at it carefully, and that's the way it looks. You don't like it? Go somewhere else! To another universe, where the rules are simpler, philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy. I can't help it, okay?

Richard Feynman, QED: Photons - Corpuscles of Light (Sir Douglas Robb Lectures, 1979)