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A little text-based adventure game with monster combat and items and secrets and stuff.

This game was my first attempt at coding. I started on this project in my first year of high school and worked on it on and off throughout the next couple of years. Since then, every few years I've come back to it and have ended up completely rewriting it (usually for the worse)!

I'll never forget being in Mr. Hodgson's computer lab with my friend Howard teaching me C++ and observing my progress in coding the first area, Glen Park. (I soon followed up with the next area, Howard Street, as a tribute to him.)

A download is not currently available since I'm still in the process of rewriting it and making it more palatable, but hopefully will be one day.

Everything was turned to account and brought into the case: the fact that so-and-so was an illegitimate son, and that so-and-so had a mistress, and whose wife was flirting with whom. Scandals, moral lapses and all sorts of things were so mixed up and intertwined with the story of Tchitchikov and of the dead souls, that it was utterly impossible to make out what was most nonsensical: it all seemed equally absurd.

Dead Souls