Procedural Sokoban Generator

This program is a partial implementation of Joshua Taylor and Ian Parberry's paper "Procedural Generation of Sokoban Levels": Proceedings of the 6th International North American Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation (GAMEON-NA), pp. 5-12, EUROSIS, 2011. They describe a cool algorithm to procedurally generate Sokoban levels.

This implementation was done in three weeks for my Modern Computer Games course final project. As such, it is not a complete implementation, is much slower than what Taylor & Parberry propose, and lacks many of the niceties. Probably, it should be called a loose proof of concept and not an implementation.

The program uses several graphical assets from elarel, my logic puzzle game based on Sokoban and other related games. These images are copyrighted and should not be reused for other projects.

The code is available at GitHub here.

hardest level
A hard level generated in a small space (105 moves needed to solve).

Neelix: And that's not all. Ensign Parsons ordered his pejuta cold.
Doctor: So?
Neelix: He always drinks it hot. Hot! With lemon. But not today. Today it's cold pejuta, hold the lemon.
Doctor: Mister Neelix, just because a man changes his drink order doesn't mean he's possessed by an alien.

Cathexis, Star Trek Voyager