If you liked elarel, you might like these similar games:

  • Blobbo
    blobbo screenshot
    The game that elarel is based on! It is a logic puzzle game that takes inspiration from many different sources, created by the great Glenn Andreas. It was written for old versions of the MacOS, so you can only play it using an emulator like SheepShaver or BasiliskII. (Or on a real old Mac if you have one lying around!) You can get it here at the Macintosh Garden. There's also a Java clone called MyBlobbo which also adds a whole new set of levels, which is pretty cool. Here's a neat interview with Glenn Andreas where he describes some of the background of Blobbo and some of his other games. And here's a cool page with more description of the game. More links can be found here.

    Aside from the similar game mechanics and image tileset, elarel has several references to Blobbo, in particular, level 8, Maze of Mirrors, which is very similar to a Blobbo level (it even contains the arrows on the right and bottom sides that point to nothing) as well as the name of level 18 - Conveyorways - that mimics the name of a similar Blobbo level called 'Pipeways' (which used pipes intead of conveyor belts, and which worked slightly differently). Finally, the design of level 20 - Compartments - is a similar style to one used in several Blobbo levels.
  • Kye
    kye screenshot
    I haven't played this one myself, but some people have mentioned it to me as another similar sort of logic puzzle game. Looks like it's for Windows but there are various clones around. Here is a place that describes it further.
  • Sokoban
    The classic game from Japan, literally translated to 'warehouse keeper', in this game you push around boxes so that each box ends up on a particular goal square. There's a level in elarel (and Blobbo) that is completely of this style. There are many different versions of this so I won't link to any particular version. Taylor & Parberry did some research towards generating Sokoban puzzles by hand, and I wrote an implementation of their paper which you can find here. There's also a cool paper by Culberson that shows that Sokoban is PSPACE-complete.
  • Hexcells
    hexcells ss
    This is a great little puzzle game that's similar to Minesweeper but has really cool added complexity. It's a game where you'll often say "It can't go here or here, so it must go here!" and so on - process of elimination! Some of the puzzles are dastardly hard... There are three versions of it each with different puzzles, and each cost around 99 cents on Steam during the Steam sales. Or you can pick them up at their regular price - it's a steal either way.