Version 1.0.7

Mac : Download here (12.3 MB).
elarel requires Mac OS 10.6.6+ to run.
Level editor: Download here (requires Java 1.7+).

Download on the Mac App Store
Achievements require OS 10.8+ and Mac App Store version.

Windows : Download here (14.5 MB).
(includes level editor, which requires Java 1.7+)
(try this version if using an old graphics card).


User Levels

You can also download extra levels for the game, made by users. Some are included with the game, while others are here below. To learn how to install and play these levels, consult this forum topic.

Kurtis' Levels
Let it Fly
Take Your Pick

Further user levels will be shown here as they become available. If you have made a user level, send it to us at elarelapp (at) and we'll be glad to display it here.

To learn how to create your own level, please visit the help page.


Upgrading from an Older Version (Windows only)

If you are using Windows and upgrading from v1.0.4 or earlier, copy the "options" file from your old elarel folder to C:\Users\username\AppData\roaming\elarel\ in order to preserve your completed level checkmarks. This folder will be automatically created on the first launch of the updated version of elarel.